You can call me Anais! Since I was a child, I always had the desire to discover unfamiliar places and by doing so, learn something about myself. I had a happy childhood, followed by more introverted and studious teenage years.

I did not know what exactly to do, but I wanted to be able to sustain myself economically. This led me to study business and economics at the University of Deusto, in Bilbao, Spain. I achieved a Master’s degree equivalent and was lucky enough to gain a scholarship at the University of Edinburgh, where I experienced some of the most beautiful and exciting moments in my life up until that point.

I interacted with individuals who taught me about art, music, and urban architecture. I was thereby exposed to an amazing world of culture that I had never seen before. I had the opportunity to visit museums and found all those painted faces, landscapes, and incredible images intriguing. They all formed a story and had the ability to transport me to another world. I could say that it was there when I fell in love with art, which has become a lifelong appreciation. Nevertheless, it took me many years before I really decided to start working in this field. Of course during those years there are other stories and experiences that have coalesced to make me the person I am today.


In the last few years, I have met many artists from multiple disciplines but mainly those whose primary media is paint and plastic. By clicking the ARTCLUB link, you can find a list of some of the artists I am currently working with as well as collaborating on various projects. If you are interested in working together, please feel free to view the projects and ask any questions you may have.

I also maintain relationships with many artists who are able to commission paintings of all sizes, murals on the facades of buildings, beautiful sculptures for buildings, public places, and institutions. Additionally, I work with art collectors, interior designers, real estate agents, developers of new condominiums, luxury concierge services, and museums. Relationships and connection are the key to the many successful projects with which I have been involved.


Since her graduation in 1989, Ana Isabel Conde has held a variety of international sales, marketing and business development positions, including market research, product development, international legal issues and contract negotiation/ management. In 1990, she received a grant from the European Community for a 12 month industrial placement in Edinburgh, Scotland where she was responsible for the marketing support of liaison activities between universities and companies throughout the European Community. For the remaining six months, she was a Marketing Assistant for the Scottish Widow’s Fund and Life Assurance Society, Ltd., where she prepared several marketing studies on the differences between UK and Spanish insurance coverages.

In January 1991, she returned to Spain where she worked for six months as Project Manager for Debegesa-Berrilan, a division of the Basque government responsible for business development. She conducted feasibility studies on the creation of new companies in the food, medical and hardware markets.

In August of 1991, she was selected by the Spanish government to work in a one-year program at McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now the Boeing Company) as an International Business Coordinator. She was responsible for initiating, developing, and implementing international joint ventures and technology transfers with Spanish, Finnish, and US companies in conjunction with the sales of US military aircraft abroad. She also provided consulting services to companies for market development, as well as joint venture, manufacturing and international licensing agreements, and the development of technology transfer opportunities.

In August 1992, she began serving as a consultant to NeoStrata Company, Inc., in Spain, introducing the company’s products into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, attending international dermatological conferences to promote the company’s products in the medical community, and developing business with European pharmaceutical companies. In September 1993, she became a full time employee of NeoStrata Company in the United States. The company develops, manufactures and sells patented, therapeutic skin care products based on alpha hydroxyacid technology in more than 60 countries. She was responsible for the company’s global business development and management until August of 2002.

In 2003, she became an adviser and immediately thereafter Vice President of the company Memory Secret. Memory Secret promotes the benefits of natural ingredients of Vinca family products. These natural ingredients enhance brain functions and can be applied to foods and beverages to add an extra value in daily consumption and help people with memory abilities.

In 2012, she formed her own company, dedicated to International Trade and Consultancy Services with a strong emphasis in the nutraceuticals sector, as well as entering in other categories such as in the wellness, art and fashion markets.


  • She has a degree in Business and Economics from the University in Deusto, Bilbao, Spain (
  • Proficiency in English and Spanish.
  • Elementary Proficiency in French.


In 2015 – BioNeuroEmotion Course online  – Enric Corbera Institute
2014 – Completion First and Second Degree in the REIKI method of Natural Healing (USUI SHIKI RYOHO) by John Latz (Reiki Master)
2014 – Completion – Chair Yoga Training (14 hours) – by Stacie Dooreck (Saraswati)
2013. Completion – 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Zen Village by Joan Varini – Yoga Alliance member since September 2013.