dEmo ́s art (Toledo, 1960), which utilizes the language of imagination, pop art and expressionism, reinterprets everyday elements and revives objects or images often linked to our childhood. The artist endows these perfectly recognizable elements with vivid colors, schematic and ingenuous forms and new dimensions which transform and decontextualize radically, provoking a sensation of strangeness, amusement and curiosity in the spectator.

Bears, ducks, divers, rhinoceroses, cows, flowerpots, robots and even ladies in waiting, populate the visual world of dEmo, whose highest aspiration is to bring this universe to the street to enjoy the community. “I attempt”- explains dEmo- “to seduce the public with humor, without losing sight of the fact that the sculpture is not an object, but a question and an engine of thought”.

dEmo ́s sculptures have been exhibited in numerous museums and Spanish and international cultural centers, and are present in public spaces in many cities. dEmo is a lover of large scale works and exhibitions in public spaces, since as he affirms, “people, wherever they ́re from, always respond positively to art, which shouldn ́t always be confined to museums”.

Miami, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, Madrid are some of the cities that have enjoyed the works of the artist, to name a few.