Fernando Davila is a very accomplished Colombian artist, who has achieved recognition for his mastery of figurative paintings. His extensive work has been exhibited in South America, Europe and the United States.
Fernando Davila was chosen and personally invited by Maestro Fernando Bolero to Fernando Davila was chosen and personally invited by Maestro Fernando Bolero to participate in the “XXIX Prix International de L’Art Contemporain” in Monte Carlo, Monaco (1995).
Davila was recognized by the Colombian Congress in 1999 with the “Orden de la Democracia” for his contribution to the Arts.
Additionally, Davila has published two hard cover books and many catalogues about his paintings with written texts by well-known Art Critics and Art Historians such as: Eduard J. Sullivan, Pierre Restany, Ana Maria Escallon, Georges Gomez y Caceres, German Rubiano Caballero.
His paintings have been auctioned in Christie’s and Sotheby’s New York since 1988, and most recently in Los Angeles at MOLAA auctions 2006-07. Fernando Davila lives and paints in Miami, Florida.


Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, – composition and basic design- (1970-1971)
Universidad de Bogotá J. T. Lozano, Graphic Design, (1971-1973)
Universidad Nacional, Bogota, XX Century Art History, PG (1979)
Art Students League of New York, N. Y. Drawing and Painting, (1983-1987)


2016 – Nader Art Museum Latin American benefit show, Miami.
2012 –  Rosembaum Contemporary. Boca Raton FL, USA.
2011 – Cristina Chacon Gallery Miami USA
2011 – Galería Mundo, Bogotá,” Encuentros y Desencuentros”.
2010 – MAMBO, Museo de Arte moderno de Bogotá, Artes visuales en Colombia desde exposición del BICENTENARIO.
2008 – NOBE 67 ART, Miami, USA.
2008 – GARY NADER, Miami. USA, Celebrate Hispanic Heritage, Latin American Modern Masters.
2007 – MOLAA Art Auction 07. Museum of Latin American Art. Los Angeles California.
2006 – MOLAA Art Auction 06. Museum of Latin American Art. Los Angeles, California.
2006 – Art Miami, Convention center, Miami
2004 – La Boheme Fine Art Coral Gables Florida
2003 – Gallery Center Boca Raton Florida
2002 – Galería La Cometa, “Sept 11 In Memoriam New York “. Bogotá, Colombia.
2001 – Washington D. C. Salón Iberoamericano de Arte, Cultural Mexican Inst.
2001 – Galería La Cometa “En torno al cuerpo” Bogotá, Colombia
2000 – Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates.
1999 – Palm Beach Art Fair. FLORIDA USA –
1998-97 –  Elite Fine Art, Coral Gables, Miami, Fl.
1996 – Galería del Museo de arte Moderno Bogotá, Colombia
1996 – Autorretrato Colombiano del Siglo XX, Centro Colomboamericano, BOG.
1995 – XXIX Prix International de l’art Contemporain, Montecarlo, Monaco
1994 – Salón Nacional de Artistas, Bogotá.
1994 – Art Miami, Fl. Galleria Alfred Wild
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1988 – Latin American Art Auction, SOTHEBY’S, New York
1985-87 – Quintana Fine Art, New York
1984 – F.I.A.C., Grand Palais, Paris, France,
1882 – Arte Colombiano del siglo XX, Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá
1982 – The Colombians Center for The Arts, Boca Raton, Florida.


2016 – Hyde Midtown Miami, recent paintings by Fernando Davila. Hosted by Related & Dezer group.
2013-15 – Fernando Dávila Studio, Coconut Grove, Florida
2005 – La Boheme Fine Art, Miami, USA.
2001 – Galería La Cometa, Bogotá, Colombia.
1998-9 – Quinta Galería, Bogotá, Colombia
1997 – Club Campestre Guaymaral, Colombia
1994 – FES Centro cultural, Cali, Colombia
1992 – Galería Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia
1991 – Galería Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia
1990 – Galería Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia
1987 – Galleria QUINTANA, NEW YORK. USA
1985 – Galería QUINTANA, NEW YORK. USA
1983 – Galería QUINTANA, NEW YORK. USA
1981 – Galería San Diego Bogotá, Colombia
1980 – Galería Quintero, Barranquilla, Colombia
1975 – La Galerie, Bogota, Colombia


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