Gonzalo Botet

Gonzalo Botet (Spain 1984), is travel, architecture and documentary photographer.After graduating in Audiovisual and master in postproduction and

After graduating in Audiovisual and master in postproduction and animatic, he began working on television series such as video assist and camera assistant. After a season of learning and hard work, finds his true calling, photography

He has traveled for long periods in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. He has worked with humanitarian organizations such as Alblamoving in Burkina Faso, EmPower in India, Vicente Ferrer, India and Foundation Olivares, Malaga.

He has also made personal projects “GOLD MINES” África, ”After the earthquake” Nepal and “Garbage dumps” India.

His life purpose is focused to serve as an example of inspiration with his work to millions of people around the world to resolutely engage in helping those who need it most.

On the other hand, his vocation traveler, has led him to investigate in search of landscapes and situations of this beautiful planet. In 2013 one of his photographs published in National Geographic magazine Spain.

Exhibition of his work in ROCHE BOBOIS, Paris-Marbella (with the purpose to recover the investment of his photographic collaborations. In addition to looking for new stories to tell behind his camera.

Photographic experience

-Collaboration With Olivares Foundation CHILDREN WITH CANCER

– Collaboration with the Foundation Vicente Ferrer, Anantapur (India 2012)

– Collaboration with the NGO Alblamoving in Burkina Faso (2015) GOLD MINES AND LIFE OF BOBO

– Collaboration with EM Ong POWER in Delhi, India (2016) LANDFILL

– Report in Nepal: "After earthquake” 2016

* Publication in National Geographic Magazine November 2013


– Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University Franciscode Vitoria, Madrid with master in postproduction and animatic.

– 1º assist of fashion photography and advertising in RIFAT Saud Studio.


– Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Final Cut

– Office package (Word, Excel …)

– Driving license B1

– PER (Pattern Yachts)

– English